Pumps & Nozzles


The Heart of the filler is the Pump

A sanitary clamp holds the pump on to the machine.  

Another one holds it together. 

This means the whole pump, nozzle and hose assembly can be removed from the machine without tools and taken to the cleanup area if so needed effortlessly.

A patented* design.

Pump Speed

Choose between 12 L/min and 24 L/min.
The 24 L/min pump has a larger body, gear chamber and gears in order to provide higher filling speeds.

Need smaller volumes 

For a 12 L/min pump, choose a 3 L/min or 6L/min speed reducer/insert.

For a 24 L/min pump, choose a 12 L/min speed reducer/insert.

No Drip Nozzle

Our nozzles close at their very tips to prevent dripping. 

This is also convenient for cleanup at the end of a batch. 

Since the nozzle is closed the complete pump and nozzle once clipped off the machine can be taken over to the clean up area all sealed so you won't make a mess.

Nozzle Types

IBSO - Internal Bottom Shut Off Nozzle

ITSO - Internal Top Shut Off

OBSO - Outside Bottom Shut Off

Nozzle Sizes 

IBSO (Standard Nozzle Sizes)

 3/8",  7/16",  1/2", 5/8",  3/4", 7/8"

ITSO (Smaller Nozzle Sizes)

 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16"

OBSO (Larger Nozzle Sizes)

 Similar sized nozzles or larger as IBSO, but not supplied as standard.

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