The Original Little Filler


Compact Design with a BIG HEART!

● Compact

● Versatile

● Limitless Fill Volume

● Repeatable

● Easy Changeover

● Expandable to Automatic System

AF1 Front View


AESFill AF1 - The Original Little Filler
From ml to Gallons on the same machine 

The LittleFiller is a unique, compact single headed liquid filling unit capable of combining with and networking up to 4 (or more) heads. 

Touch screen 

Each unit has a soft touch control screen. 


A wide variety of products are easily filled, ranging from light liquids through to heavy creams and gels. Immediately ready to fill again: no need to first draw in the required product prior to dispensing, as is the case with piston fillers. In some applications this will double the output.


Limitless fill quantity

No restrictions regarding the fill size. Milliliters to liters… ounces to gallons… same machine. No separate pistons to buy. 


+/- 0.5% easily achievable **. 


New products can be set up quickly and easily and the complete pump can be disassembled without tools. The time saved adds up rapidly... helping pay for the machine over and over. 


The fillers take up half the space of others. 

As standard, volumes can be entered as low as 1/2 oz. (10cc) or smaller, to volumes greater than 5 Gallons (20 Liters) effortlessly to give repeat fills with an accuracy of up to ±0.5%.

Network & Automate AF1s
Network Them Together

The AF1 fillers can be networked together to make multi-headed liquid filling systems, just plug each unit into power and daisy chain them from one to another.


Automate at any time 

If you decide that manual filling using the AF1 fillers is not what you want, you can add the Automation Kit and it can be automated over any conveyor. There are different options that can be added for different types of products. 

Basic Auto Kit

The basic automation package consists of:
 ● Table for 4 AF1s
 ● Gating Fingers

 ● Product & Back up Sensor

Complete Auto Kit

The complete automation package consists of:

 ● Everything in the Basic Auto Kit

 ● Neck Clamps for unstable containers

 ● Dive Kit (Full or Neck Dive)

Pumps & Nozzles

Different sizes to suit your needs

  • Pumps - 12 L/min, 24 L/min
  • Pump Inserts to reduce speeds
  • Nozzles to suit just about any container opening
More Info on Pumps & Nozzles
Click below to watch the AF1 in action...
AESFill AF1 Live Demo Video
Other AF1 Videos

Why Buy a Little Filler?!?

Save Money

Faster Changeovers

Saves time as there are no tools to disassemble the pump, and very few parts.

Better Results

Accurate Filling

Plus or minus 1/2% on most fills and even better on larger fills.

Dial In Filling

Any Volume

Just Dial in the fill on the keyboard for a few ml to gallons for effortless repeatable fills.

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