and Nozzles








The heart of the LittleFiller system is the unique sanitary AESPump* which can be taken completely apart for cleaning. The AESPump* snaps on and off the machine very easily to "raise the bar" for CGMP design.

The AESPump* is contained within a solid 316 type stainless steel seamless ‘vault’ that features a Tri-clover clamp at one end. It is mounted at an angle to facilitate a smooth fluid path.

The AESPump* can rotate 360 degrees in order to easily accommodate any required hose configuration.


The AESPump* infeed and out feed can be equipped with Tri-clover clamps so that hoppers may be attached in order to pump creams and pastes.





Shut off Nozzles


Our Shut off nozzles close at their very tips
“drip free nozzles”
They can be supplied in many diameters and lengths. to suit the product and container neck.
















Nozzle Sizes



We have a variety of nozzle sizes from 1/8" though 7/8" diameters as standard  and we can make them as long as needed, usually they are 9" long.  Pick the largest diameter that wil fit inside the neck of your container(s).

The larger the nozzle the faster you will fill.








Spouts and plungers

You can order a complete nozzle or just the interchangeable spout with its plunger inside for a different diameter neck.













Oversized Nozzles

Oversized Shut off nozzles can be supplied to reach deeply
into a system such as a Form Fill Seal Machine.

































No tools to remove nor disassemble the pump


The gear drive uses a unique hexagonal drive shaft to solidly key the shaft to the gear.

The AESPump* comes completely apart by removing a single industry standard Tri-Clover clamp. The drive and idler shaft bushings can be easily removed for cleaning and sterilization.







No mess no fuss


Because of the design with the quick release mounting the whole pump
to be removed from the machine, still sealed (with its nozzle)
to be taken to the cleaning area without dripping or making a mess.

Pump can be positioned in any direction

Because of the exclusive design the pump can

be positioned to flow up/down/sideways/ even angled

This is convenient. For thick products it is better to flow from top to bottom, or from the side.  Thinner products can be drawn from below at any convenient angle.

This is an exclusive Aesus feature, that is patented.

Pump Sizes

We have 2 pump sizes, up to 12 liters/min (4Gals/min) and up to 24 liters/min. This is on waterlike products. However this does not necessarily mean you can fill at these rates.

We also have adapters that will make a 12 litre/min pump go at 6 l/min or 3l/min for very small fills.

See the speeds you can fill on our Fill Speeds Page




















12 Litre/min pump


















24 Litre/min pump

*US Patent 7309218