Other Machines

by Aesus






Four Head Automatic filler

Although this we devote this Web to the LittleFiller, our parent Aesus manufactures a wide range of different machines that all fit together for complete lines.

For Example this 4 head Filler is fully automatic but affordable, compete with diving nozzles and computer controls for effortless filling.





12 Head Guarded filler

This fully guarded filler is in Aesus Premier Range of machinery.  Aesus have four levels of machines, Eco, Delta, Premier and Pharma.


The Eco range is practical and has little or no frills.  The Delta is in between Eco and Premier.  The Premier range is, as it says, our top of the line save for our Pharma range which caters to the particular needs of the Pharmaceutical industry with special validatable packages.





Powder Filler


If you need to fill Powder we have a very high end machine capable of speeds from 60 through 300 per minute





Delta Capper

Once you have filled your bottles you may need to cap them.  We have a range of machines from manual through automatic to suit a budget.













An alternative Capping system that uses a starwheel to hold the container while the cap is positively applied from above.


Desiccant Inserter

As the name implies this machine inserts desiccant barrels into bottles.











We have several models of Sleeving Machines with shrink tunnels to suit from the Eco models to our Premier High Speed Servo models








Our simplest automatic Eco wrap labeler is often used in conjunction with the LittleFiller.  The operator will fill and cap the bottles by hand and then releases them to the EcoWrap (round bottles).  The labeller can have a coder built in for Lot and expiry date.  A turntable after the labeler can be useful for accumulating bottles until the operator is ready to pack them. An Eco Panel or a combo machine can hadle other shapes.

A simple setup such as this lends itself to very fast turnarounds for just in time manufacturing. 

Full Variety of Labellers













Labelling is an essential part of your product.  Often it is what sells it!  We make dozens of models of labelers, again to suit the application and the budget.

Some examples: Eco Top Labeler    Premier Top  and Bottom Labeler 

Delta Top and bottom Labeler      Premier Star Wrap Labeler (350/minute)











Conveyors and accessories

Conveyors of any length, normal, raised bed, and super clean raised bed, Turntables, Pack off tables, stands and other accessories are available.



Packoff Table