A Great machine

At a reasonable price



You should own a LittleFiller!



 From ml to Gallons on the same machine

The LittleFiller is a unique, compact single headed liquid filling unit capable of combining with and networking up to 4 (or more) heads.



 Touch screen

Each unit has a soft touch control screen.

As standard, volumes can be entered as low as 1/2 oz. (10cc) or smaller, to volumes greater than 5 Gallons (20 Liters) effortlessly to give repeat fills with an accuracy of up to ±0.5%. 


Just as easily, the fill speed can be varied to give gentle foamless filling.






 Network them

The LittleFiller AF1 fillers can be networked together to make multi-headed liquid filling systems; just plug each unit into power and connect each unit to each other with a small, readily available ‘Ethernet’ style cable and they are networked.






 Automate at any time

If you decide that manual filling using the LittleFiller AF1 fillers is not what you want, you can add the automation package and it can be automated over any conveyor. There are different options that can be added for different types of products.


The automation package consists of an index finger kit and you can add a basic table stand and power bar, or supply your own.


The standard index finger kit includes a no-bottle no-fill sensor that will only allow the machine to fill a bottle when bottles are present. It also includes a back-up bottle sensor which determines if the bottles are backed up due to a problem downstream.

The machine will stop filling when the bottles are missing or backed-up.

The basic table stand is stainless steel and will hold two  LittleFiller AF1s.  Larger units are available.


A neck clamp is an option to clamp the bottles securely while filling, and a dive system is also available to dive the nozzle(s) into the neck while filling.







 Paste and Creams

The LittleFiller AF1s can also be used with pastes and creams with the simple change of the AESPump* to include aseptic fittings and the use of overhead hoppers. Different types of hoppers can be supplied.























The time saved, every week, every month and every year pays for the machine again and again...